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Pits Without Water [Click here for a version which works better for non-color printing.]

The concept for "Pits Without Water" came when I noticed that Joseph was cast into an empty pit in which it was explicitly stated that "there was no water in it." This reminded me of a prophecy from Zechariah of prisoners who would be released from a pit, "wherein is no water." I found the idea of a pit without water to be intriguing, and wondered if there were other scriptures which contained ideas related to pits without water.

I used a computer program to search for and collect scriptural passages which contained ideas related symbolically with pits (pit, prison, dungeon, captivity, hell, the grave, burial, death, or dying) and water (water, flood, thirst, baptism, or washing), particularly an absence thereof. From this collection, all passages which held some interest, or seemed to relate the two concepts, were kept. I then arranged the collection of verses into similar themes, and from that developed this paper.

The contents of this paper are not necessarily meant to be a doctrinal thesis or prove a doctrinal point. This paper is more artistic in nature. It tries to connect and weave together the scriptures that deal with pits and water or the lack thereof. Although this paper is primarily artistic in nature, many doctrinal subjects are either touched upon or testified to symbolically, and it is hoped that the reader will find additional meaning and personal insights by the things contained herein.

Deliverance for the Prisoners

This is a companion piece to "Pits Without Water", however it has not been worked on for years. An outline has been developed, scriptures have been organized, and some initial thoughts and development has begun, but it remains mostly unfinished.

A Hand Stretched Out Still

This paper analyses and examines the idea of a stretched out hand as it appears throughout the scriptures. It seeks to understand its usage and symbolism in general and its symbolic meaning in the writings of Isaiah in particular. The paper examines all references that in any way impact the subject, therefore, it is rather extensive in nature, although much of the less important information has been summarized in an effort to shorten it.

A Comparison of Alma's Conversion Accounts
(Alma Chapter 38 and 36)

This is a side-by-side comparison between Alma's conversion accounts found in Alma chapter 38 (to his son Shiblon) and chapter 36 (to his son Helaman). I created the comparison in college and made some initial notes.

A Comparison of Alma Chapters 42 and 12
A look at similar Structure and Wording

A side-by-side comparison looking at two different but similar discourses found in Alma chapters 42 and 12. Both accounts start with the expulsion from the garden of Eden and then go on to describe the purpose of the mortal probation which followed.

Agency vs. Free Agency [Mirror Difference Chart]
Agency vs. Free Agency [Mirror Chart]

Agency vs. Free Agency (in two formats) are charts I created comparing the two LDS terms. The charts were compiled using data coming from The History of the Church/early Church periodicals, The Journal of Discourses, Collected Discourses, Conference Report, Conference issues of the Improvement Era and the Ensign, and Conference talks found on the LDS Church's web site. Counts are based on context where either term was used in a doctrinal sense as long as it was not a direct scriptural quotation. Because I compiled this information manually, I am solely responsible for its content.

Agency Outline

Outline for a book on Agency.

Agency Scripture List with Notes

A collection of scriptures which reference scriptural agency and other related ideas along with footnotes of thoughts on key words and related concepts.

"Anti" as it applies to Book of Mormon Names

The term "Anti" appears in many Book of Mormon names, most famously Anti-Nephi-Lehies. These unfinished notes I collected point to the idea that "anti" is probably just a Nephite term, and does not mean "against" as it does in English.

Hebrew Words related to the idea of Covering

The Hebrew word, "kaphar," means "to cover," (and even sounds like the English word "cover"). These unfinished notes I collected show other interesting related Hebrew words which gain deeper meaning when understood together.

First Born Sons in the Messiah's Lineage

A look at the genealogical lineage of the Messiah. Whenever we know of multiple sons born to a man in this lineage, the son who turns out to be the progenitor of the Messiah does not appear to be the actual firstborn!

The Patriarchal Order of the Priesthood

A collection of material which references the patriarchal order of the priesthood, which I find interesting.

Some Thoughts on Doctrine and Covenants 93

Thoughts I recorded about Doctrine and Covenants section 93 and some of the ideas contained therein.

A Comparison of the Terms Father and Son
when Referring to Jesus Christ

A comparison of several places in scripture where Jesus Christ is referred to as the Father and Son, and where the ideas of Spirit/Will and Flesh are also prominent.

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