[The following is what I submitted several times to the Juvenile Instructor » mormonism and agency a historical query blog the evening of May 19, 2011. For whatever reason, my comments were not getting through (was I being blocked?). It would have appeared between comments 22 and 23:]


I knew you were talking about "agency" from the fairly new Brekus/Dictionary of Sociology point of view (agency v. structure, yadda yadda yadda). . . .

However, since the post started with a scripture (which obviously wouldn't use the modern historical/sociological definition of agency), and the closing paragraph where the question was located referred to the historical way Mormons have been using "agency" for the last 180+ years, I thought you might be asking a question about linguistic usage. I didn't expect you to apply the evolving, modern, specialized concept of sociological "agency" to historical Mormonism where that concept was likely not even on the radar.

For the record, I saw the middle paragraphs about historical/sociological "agency" as an example of the concept of agency changing over time. I thought you might have been using that as a sort of analogy to the fluctuating definition of agency within LDS thought. This is the first time I've come across your website. I assumed its audience consisted of Mormons in general, but now I'm thinking it might be targeted toward a narrower, more focused sliver of that population.

Anyway, I apparently missed the intent of the original post/question.